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K. is the protagonist from Kafka's novel The Castle


The years before your name
Flood the blank page heart
Canvas in the sky a canvas in the sky

Cocoon Gomorrah slough
Opiate stoma spate
Me myself and I just me myself and I

Gericault's carrion
My scar is your clay
The Yam Suph swells
But the fluids won't part

A stain on your wound
But I'll climb through
Arrow in your heart
Laurel tree glory

The cake is a lie you decided my life
Carom shot burial kith and kin stain the spit
Comin thro' the rye tie me up tie me down
Cargo cult swoon fandom slam book psalms

Lorem Ipsum-
Gotterdammerung, God drawn with crayons here inside the void
Laissez-faire, above hangman with safe words cached in prayers
Hibakusha soot, your breath pours inside me Sally forth from dust
Bikini Scars on Christ, square up your fuck up amortize the fall
Coming down from Moriah, rope burns, doldrums, katzenjammer buzz
Here's the skin you have to wear, the flayed Xipe Totec sinners lingerie

Say a prayer, abreact at god, storm of Galilee, we're sailin in your piss
Counting coup metastatic fire just put the blame on Mame and fall in love with Christ


from deathbed on a toy car mat city landscape, released December 17, 2013



all rights reserved