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Hospital Waiting Room
Deathbed arms sun in your eyes
Quicksand breaths denouement sigh
Song in the cage the soul breaks out
Fall asleep never wake up

Landslide childhood patriarch bones
Cocoon mitosis mausoleum writhe
Stillborn roar menagerie wombs
Apple and sin draconian reign

Stripped down inside your mouth
My god dismantles me
Pygmalion coloring book
I'm your somnambulist

The wound sprawls inside me
Eyes closed I'm the changeling

Terr loves Tiwa Tiwa loves Terr
Matryoushka doll undressed by the loss
You're blood drips down from Sala-ma-Sond
Deflowered and bruised aperture palms

Briar Rose stasis open my skin
Cicatrix anthems deep blood kettle
Cinnamon nest fire and myrrh
Acetylene marrow knitted through stars


from deathbed on a toy car mat city landscape, released December 17, 2013



all rights reserved