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Color in the Trompe l'oeil heart
It was all in my head
You were stars in the sky

Fire strikes the ground current soil
Here's the soul without skin
Cooked in Semele's womb

The fool and the damsel in distress
It's all shit, abscise the ingenue
You're all crawlin around inside my veins a slow virus
I want to see your skin, the Maschinenmensch
Pygmalion rollback

Dulcinea is the sea spittin at my heart
Tendrils from the storm crawlin up the shore
The soul turns to sand

Vignettes in the song turn the Kodachrome reel
kunstlerroman plot, triptych suicide note
Ecdysis crumbs

Beatrice in a dream dressed to color my sins
Apotheosis thread sloughed around your feet
A Myrna Loy vamp

La Vita Nuova the sun is carved like the child of Macon
Fire sale, naked breast, bless me with the echo in your heart
Minute and far away, the light is skinned alive in my praise


from deathbed on a toy car mat city landscape, released December 17, 2013



all rights reserved