deathbed on a toy car mat city landscape

by heart behind a barbed wire hymen

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released December 17, 2013



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Track Name: deathbed on a toy car mat city landscape
Deathbed on a Toy Car Mat City Landscape
Color in the sun with your crayons
Deathbed on a toy car city mat
A crawl space wound
Glue some skin on the soul
Cut some breathin holes
You gave me the sin
Transfigure me god
These words are the womb

Paper airplanes when they crash is it your breath or the wind
Emily's poem's say you're the snake oil in our spirits
Bootless cries, I was crawlin here, forced to watch all the other birds fly
I let you in, am I saved now, cause there's a Siren singin me to sleep
Track Name: hospital waiting room
Hospital Waiting Room
Deathbed arms sun in your eyes
Quicksand breaths denouement sigh
Song in the cage the soul breaks out
Fall asleep never wake up

Landslide childhood patriarch bones
Cocoon mitosis mausoleum writhe
Stillborn roar menagerie wombs
Apple and sin draconian reign

Stripped down inside your mouth
My god dismantles me
Pygmalion coloring book
I'm your somnambulist

The wound sprawls inside me
Eyes closed I'm the changeling

Terr loves Tiwa Tiwa loves Terr
Matryoushka doll undressed by the loss
You're blood drips down from Sala-ma-Sond
Deflowered and bruised aperture palms

Briar Rose stasis open my skin
Cicatrix anthems deep blood kettle
Cinnamon nest fire and myrrh
Acetylene marrow knitted through stars
Track Name: K.
The years before your name
Flood the blank page heart
Canvas in the sky a canvas in the sky

Cocoon Gomorrah slough
Opiate stoma spate
Me myself and I just me myself and I

Gericault's carrion
My scar is your clay
The Yam Suph swells
But the fluids won't part

A stain on your wound
But I'll climb through
Arrow in your heart
Laurel tree glory

The cake is a lie you decided my life
Carom shot burial kith and kin stain the spit
Comin thro' the rye tie me up tie me down
Cargo cult swoon fandom slam book psalms

Lorem Ipsum-
Gotterdammerung, God drawn with crayons here inside the void
Laissez-faire, above hangman with safe words cached in prayers
Hibakusha soot, your breath pours inside me Sally forth from dust
Bikini Scars on Christ, square up your fuck up amortize the fall
Coming down from Moriah, rope burns, doldrums, katzenjammer buzz
Here's the skin you have to wear, the flayed Xipe Totec sinners lingerie

Say a prayer, abreact at god, storm of Galilee, we're sailin in your piss
Counting coup metastatic fire just put the blame on Mame and fall in love with Christ
Track Name: joseph
Here's your soul on the shore limpin on one side
Fool yourself, follow god, leakin songs from the wound
Writhe in the skin, it's all around me now
Beguiled by the lull in the eye of the storm

Your soul is saved, excrete the sin, peristalsis psalms
Apple-shot, highest Jove, the hallelujahs break
Respire and rise from the killing jar
Palm wounds swallow, crawl the habitrail veins

God's fiery teeth light the sky
Chewin on the carapace night

When I'm crawlin remind me

We could hang ourselves on that willow tree
While we're waiting for god on the side of the road
Our dicks get hard with a noose round the neck
Our spirits will rise we'll chew up some time
Track Name: the dial settings on calvin's transmogrifier
The Dial Settings on Calvin's Transmogrifier
-Gregor Samsa
-Genie the Wild Child
Track Name: Ignatius J. Reilly
Ignatius J. Reilly
Dad's in the ground and I'm buried in my youth
Like Alice growin taller gettin crushed by the ceiling
I'm a wound with suture thread skin

Tight around the soul, the Enola Gay noose
I'm a cookie in the oven too singed for the world
Duck and Cover when the years explode
Track Name: Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin
Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin
The wallflower coughs
All the wolves around me scorn
They share the same mask
Here's the semblance, the second skin gloss
Flay the layers, recoil, explode
Synesthesia a scratch and sniff soul
I'm inside the wrong skin

Salt the marrow and the spirit stops growin, languid borrow pit husk
All the years echo and shame, I'm chewin on your smile

The double drips from the mirror now he's wearin my life
He's coloring outside the lines, every sin strikes oil

Silhouettes, a paper doll chain, cut around my skin
In the mouths, Cerberus tongue, peel away the frame

Caged in Medusa skin
Borrowed all my sins from god
The ladybug that died on my thumb
kickin at the stain on his wings
You'll crawl through life but you'll never be alive
As the stars flaunt their piss colored glow

He's been skinned alive on the inside
Track Name: Dulcinea
Color in the Trompe l'oeil heart
It was all in my head
You were stars in the sky

Fire strikes the ground current soil
Here's the soul without skin
Cooked in Semele's womb

The fool and the damsel in distress
It's all shit, abscise the ingenue
You're all crawlin around inside my veins a slow virus
I want to see your skin, the Maschinenmensch
Pygmalion rollback

Dulcinea is the sea spittin at my heart
Tendrils from the storm crawlin up the shore
The soul turns to sand

Vignettes in the song turn the Kodachrome reel
kunstlerroman plot, triptych suicide note
Ecdysis crumbs

Beatrice in a dream dressed to color my sins
Apotheosis thread sloughed around your feet
A Myrna Loy vamp

La Vita Nuova the sun is carved like the child of Macon
Fire sale, naked breast, bless me with the echo in your heart
Minute and far away, the light is skinned alive in my praise
Track Name: I'm Stuck with the Character I was Born with
I'm Stuck With the Character I was Born With
Volcano spout I’m pullin you back inside you
Pop fizz catharsis your skin still surrounds you
Words on the page you're in metamorphosis

Oh please don't go-we'll eat you up
shovin off in a dark red sailboat
Oh please don't go-we love you so
A silhouette chewed up at the skyline

Oh please don't go-I'll eat you up
Finger guns fire blanks at the showdown
Oh please don't go-I love you so
The screw thread lost its furrows in the heart break